About Croydon Metropolitan College

Croydon Metropolitan College (CMC) was founded in 2000 by Mr P Mohan. The strong drive and passion for teaching exhibited by the teachers and staff is reflected in the dedicated support given to their students. The college is housed in a three-storey building and has been totally refurbished and internally designed. Located in South Croydon, South London, the college is easy to access by the many transport links available and is set in a secure environment. 


Why CMC?

  1.        Small classes
  2.        State of the art laboratory facilities
  3.        Library and ICT facilities
  4.        Preloaded laptop computers with internet connection
  5.        Individual progress tracked by homework and tests
  6.        Monthly exams conducted with reports sent to parents
  7.        Personal tutors assigned to each student
  8.        Guidance given for university preparation
  9.        Highly qualified teachers maximise potential
  10.        Career and interview technique advice provided

CMC aims

1. To offer an education of the highest quality for students according to their individual needs and aspirations.

2. To provide an education which encompasses the academic, physical, cultural and social requirements of the whole person. 

3. To give each student sufficient guidance in preparation for subsequent studies at university.


Students are treated as mature, young adults and a hard-working yet informal atmosphere is created. Students are taught in groups of 7 on average and this provides each student with informative and focused lessons. Dedication to hard-work is encouraged and guidance is given throughout so individuals can achieve the highest results of which they are capable. With experienced and passionate teachers, students are presented with the highest standards of education whilst also enjoying their time here at CMC.

What our students say

“I chose CMC because it offers the courses I wanted to do and it’s easy to reach” 

“CMC is the place to be if you want to be successful”


“It offers good education and there are helpful teachers, friendly students and multi-cultural people”  


“I picked CMC because the exam grades for the courses I chose were very good”


“CMC has a good reputation for all its courses”


“I got very good feedback from friends that had already studied at CMC and I have not regretted coming here”

“Lessons are taught in a way that keeps you interested and determined to learn” 


Croydon Metropolitan College History

The college was originally a tuition centre offering evening classes to students at mainstream schools who needed extra tuition for internal and external exams. By 2003 it offered full time classes for GCSE and A-Level students. Popularity of the college increased due to its high quality of teaching. The ethos of keeping class size low has continued to be beneficiary, enabling lessons to be focused and tailored to the needs of the students. The success of the college allowed it to grow and in 2005 it became Croydon Metropolitan College. The expansion of the college meant it could accommodate additional students including those from overseas. CMC is a DFE approved independent college and so students have the option of attending the college full-time, opposed to going to a mainstream school, or part-time for extra tuition.