Careers Department


CMC aims to provide each student with sufficient guidance to allow them to consider more than one option suited to their abilities and aspirations. With these options in mind, each student can reach an informed decision regarding which career-path to take. We encourage an open-mind as well as in-depth research to ensure our students are both happy with their decision and well-informed. Guidance about interview technique is also given. 



Students receive talks from our career advisors throughout the academic year. Those studying for higher education certificates are especially met with regularly. 


The college advisors interview and advise every student who enrols in August about possible and/or chosen career paths. This continues throughout the student's life here at CMC. Many of the college advisors have in-depth knowledge about Business and Medical fields; therefore they know what is required of the students by the admission tutors.


UCAS advice, references, interview technique guidance


University visits