Humanities Department


Students studying any combination of the humanities subjects; Geography, History, Government and Politics and/or RE will all learn about the impact of humans upon the world and the effects of this. A sustainable future is emphasised in those studying Geography. Those studying Government and Politics will improve their skills of listening and the ability to debate with clarity and well-formed ideas. Delving into the past will give students an insight into society and the individual in comparison to the environment today. Finally studies of RE emphasise the importance of understanding and respecting other’s beliefs. All Humanities subjects prepare students for today’s world. 



For the best learning experience we keep our class sizes small and encourage questions to be asked whenever in doubt. Small classes mean students are able to get involved in the lesson by answering questions set by the teacher. Teachers will tailor each class to the needs of his/her pupil’s abilities. Regular homework is set and revision classes are held as the exam period gets closer.


GCSE Geography, History and RE all follow the AQA syllabus. A-Level Government and Politics follows the AQA syllabus.