International Students

We are pleased to say that we are a highly trusted sponsor authorised by the UK Home Office.

We are proud to welcome students from overseas as well as the UK. We understand international students want qualifications that are useful and recognised internationally by universities and employers. All courses at Croydon Metropolitan College lead to established UK professional and academic qualifications recognised worldwide.


UK immigration regulations for students require you to show arrangements of accommodation. We can assist you in this matter as long as you tell us in advance. You can choose to stay at the accommodation we find for you during the full period of your studies. Alternatively, you can live there for the first 3 months and then arrange to move in with other people (flat/house share) or rent accommodation with new friends.


Airport Meeting Services

We offer a ‘meet and greet’ service upon your arrival at London’s airports. The college is able to arrange for you to be met and escorted to either the college itself or to another destination in London. You should inform us about your flight details as soon as you receive them so we are able to accommodate your needs. Please note that these services are subject to availability and a charge is payable.

Working in London

You may work in London depending on when you applied for student immigration permission and under what tier this falls. In most cases you must not spend more than 50% of the time on your course undertaking a work placement. You must not engage in business related work, be self-employed, provide services as a professional sportsperson/entertainer or pursue a career by filling a permanent full-time vacancy.

If your immigration permission does not allow you to work, you may not undertake paid or unpaid employment including work placements which are part of your course. After completion of your studies you may stay in the UK to work depending on whether you meet the requirements for any of the schemes the UK Government operates. Please visit for more information.

VISA Applications

Who can apply?

  • 16 years and above
  • Level 3 or above (Foundation or 1st year equivalent of a Bachelor’s Degree)

How long can you apply for?

  • The full length of the course (12 months or more) plus an extra 4 months is granted
  • For courses that are below degree level (HND or Certificates) you can apply for a maximum of 3 years, plus an extra 4 months is granted

What do you need to apply?

  • 40 points in order to submit your application to the British Embassy in your country
  • You obtain 30 points for enrolling on a course provided by a Tier 4 college – Croydon Metropolitan College.
  • You obtain 10 points for sufficient funding (please see funding information below)

Funding For students who apply to our college where courses are longer than 9 months and are offered in London:

• You will require a first year course fee (from £3000 - £3500) plus £5400 to cover the first 9 months of living expenses. Therefore, a total of between £8400-£8900 is needed to qualify for the 10 points of funding.

• £5400 living expenses is based on an average of £600 per month for 9 months to live in London. As we are in the Borough of Croydon, our students are required to show a lower level of living expenses compared to, on average, £800 for Central London based institutes.

•The total funding must be in the applicants account, NOT the sponsor’s account Please note the above is an indicative figure. Croydon Metropolitan College recommends applicants have enough funds to support themselves through each academic year.